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Bob grubb's virtual Outboard Motor museum

 I am building a gallery here with photos and descriptions of some of the antique outboard motors in my collection.  This will be a long term, ongoing project.  I will continually add motors to this as I am able.  Please return from time to time to see how I'm doing.  Please note: The motors in this "virtual museum" are generally not for sale at this time.  I'm sorry, but I am not able to give appraisals of values of old outboards.

Click on any thumbnail photo for additional pictures and information about each model.

Ca. 1920 Amphion

Ca. 1950 Atco Boatimpeller
 Model 804

1961 Barracuda Model 89

1936 Bendix Eclipse Model SB1936 Bendix Eclipse Model SB

1938 Bendix Eclipse Model SMD
Bumble Bee Outboard Motor
Ca. 1992 Bumble Bee (Tanaka)
1917 Caille Liberty Drive1917 Caille Liberty Drive 1922 Caille Outboard Motor1922 Caille 5 Speed w/ Rewind Starter 1926 Caille Liberty Twin ca. 1949 Chris-Craft Challenger Outboard1949
Chris-Craft Challenger

1957 Continental Sport1957 Continental Sport

Dragonfly Outboard Motor1955-59 Dragonfly Model AH80
1983 Elliott Power Paddle
1913 Evinrude Rowboat Motor1913 Evinrude Rowboat Motor  
1915 Evinrude Rowboat Motor Model A1915 Evinrude Rowboat Motor Model A 1917 Evinrude AA Outboard Motor1917 Evinrude AA 1925 Evinrude Rowboat Model A 1957 Firestone Outboard1957 Firestone 1947 Flambeau Outboard Motor1947 Flambeau
1936 Johnson Model P801936 Johnson Model P80 1938 Johnson MS-38 1938 Johnson KR-381938 Johnson KR-38 1920 Koban Model H 1940 Lauson Sport King Outboard Motor

1940 Lauson Sport King

Late 1930's LeJay Electric OutboardLate 1930's LeJay Model 12 - 1040 Mac 10 Outboard MotorCa. 1972 Mac 10 (Sachs-Wankel) Model 1969 Martin 20 Outboard Motor1949 Martin 20


1940 Mercury Model K-1

1941 Mercury KB-1A Comet Deluxe1941 Mercury KB-1A Comet Deluxe
1946 Mercury KD-3 Comet1946 Mercury Model KD-3 Comet 1947 Mercury KD-4S Rocket


    1947 Mercury KE-4 Rocket
1947 Mercury Model KE-7 Lightning1947 Mercury Model
KE-7 Lightning
1948 Mercury KE4A1948 Mercury Model KE4A

1949 Mercury KE4-HD

1951 Mercury KG-7

1953 Mercury Mark 15
1954 Mercury Mark 71954 Mercury Mark 7
1955 Mercury Mark 6
Vintage 1959 Mercury Mark 6A Outboard Motor1959 Mercury Mark 6A Vintage 1916 Motorgo Outboard Motor

1916 Motorgo

Neptune Outboard Motor1948-51 Neptune Model AA2
Oliver Challenger Outboard Motor1955 Oliver 55J Challenger Ca. 1966 Outboard Jet Model OJ200Ca. 1966 Outboard Jet Model OJ200 Sea King Midget Outboard Motor1940 Sea King Midget 8812 1941 Sea King Outboard Motor1941 Sea King Large Single 1946 Sea King Midget Single

1970 Sports-Jet 4501970 Sports-Jet 450

1949 Wego Junior 1907 Waterman Porto1907 type  Waterman Porto 1957 Wizard WA-25